Mobiles on installments offers Sami corporation ,along with other elcetronics on installment .Sami coporation is a electonics shop with excellent servies .

What we sell:

Mobiles on installments offers Sami corporation.At sami corporation we deal in all home appliances on cash and  electonics on installments as well  .

Care about our Customer:

Our main focus is on the quality of produts and  after sales services to customers to build good  realtionship  .

We focus on the quality of products and the best after sales services to our  customers.To maintain good customer relationship. our prices are best in the market


Mobiles on installments:

Sami corporation offers Mobile on installments,along with other elcetronics on installment .

Corporation   is dealing in almost 7000 Electronics items of differrent brands .

Feel free to contact us:

We are just one call or text away from you, feel free to ask any question regarding any product.